By Abhinav School

My school name is Abhinav Education Society’s English Medium School. I like my school for many reasons and I want to share with you how I learn and enjoy my schooling.

  • The premises of my school are very large and spacious.
  • In my school, in every class there is a big screen on which we can learn and see informative topics and it is easy for us because of audio-visual effects.
  • The school has its own library where we can read different books of our subjects and also of different subjects like sports, science, great leaders, stories etc are conducted.
  • My school is very particular about rules and regulations.
  • In my school, teachers not only encourage us for our syllabus studies but also encourage us to take part in different competitive examinations which are conducted by other educational organizations. Examinations like English Olympiad, Mathematics Olympiad, English and Science Marathon etc.
  • The school also arranges the Sports day and Children’s day to encourage the students and students should gain an interest in sports.
  • Every year medical checkups are conducted to keep the health and nutrition record of every student.
  • Also the school gives chances to students for exploring their talent in dance, acting and singing by arranging Annual Gathering.
  • My Class teacher and other subject teachers are very enthusiastic and helpful.
  • Also the school arranges picnics for us for our enjoyment and for keeping us charming and joyful.
  • Every day an SMS is sent on our parents’ mobile for giving everyday updates, notices and the completed syllabus.
  • And before the year ends, a Group Photo is taken so that we can keep memories of our classmates and teachers. So because of these innumerous best features of the my school, I like it very much.

– Mandar Sameer Manekar