My Dream Career: To Become A Doctor

By Abhinav School

A man who has a mind always has his own thoughts or dreams. We will not find a man who has no thoughts or dreams or ambitions in his mind. It is always better to keep ambitions/dreams & willpower to achieve the same. I am currently in VI Grade. I see many people in society who are facing health related issues due to different diseases. This is the main cause why people are not able to perform well in their areas. The mental health of family is also disturbed due to the health-related issues. So, it is necessary to keep their body fit & healthy to achieve goals/dreams. I have decided to become a doctor who can solve people’s health issues & try to keep them fit. To achieve my dream is not easy as I realised, I have to study hard for it. I see many people in the society who are poor & needy, they need medical help and don’t get it on time. I need to see how I can provide them the cheapest medical aid for the diseases that disturb their health. I believe I will definitely succeed & God will give me the power & blessings to achieve the same.

Vedant Kulkarni