English Club

Abhinav English Medium School Ambegaon,has taken a step forward,by starting an English Club for its students under the able guidance & inspiration of our Principal Mrs.Varsha Sharma Mam.
The English Club will focus on tapping the hidden talents,polishing & refining the students,under the guidance of club In charge Mrs.Bindu Olga,Mrs Trupti H Joshi & Mrs.Vaishali Kalshetty.
The club started it’s first activity,by conducting a story Telling Competition,for Class 5,on 29th June 2018. The event was inaugurated by Our Principal Mrs.Varsha Sharma Mam,Supervisor Mrs.Dhanashree Khare Mam,panel of distinguished judges Mrs.Deepa Deshpande Mam,Mrs.Kirti Patil Mam & MrsAsmita Gawali Mam.
The students participated in Story Telling Competition with great enthusiasm & the winners were awarded with Certificate of Merit.

Winners Name
1st Miss.Bhakti R Sarda
2nd Miss Dhanika S Lashkare
3rd Miss Disha M Tandale
3rd Master Ayush Burungule
The English Club will come up with many such events,for students of all grades,on the literary front,every month.