Life at Abhinav

Life at Abhinav is a holistic experience. Once you step through the gates at Abhinav, you will have stepped into a different world. At Abhinav, we do not believe in the one-size-fits-all philosophy of teaching our students only the set curriculum. We believe that a child’s natural talents should be identified and encouraged. We celebrate the diversity of talents that our students possess. All year round, we conduct a vast array of activities to hone these talents and to provide our students a platform to showcase them.

Our activities are broadly divided into :

  1. Academics – The most important part of schooling. We cover the entire curriculum and then go beyond it. We conduct Maths, Science and Language workshops. Maths workshops to cement their understanding of formulae and improve their speed of calculations. Science workshops to cover topics that are beyond the scope of the syllabus but are interesting to learn and also useful for competitive exams. Language workshops to give students a space to practise pronunciation, improve diction and vocabulary. We have a Robotics lab where students are taught how to build their own robots.
  2. Events – Healthy competitions motivate students to learn better. We have a Maths club in our school that conducts various Maths competitions. We also have an English club for our budding writers, poets and linguists. We host an inter-school singing competition every year called Swar Abhinav.
  3. Sports – We host and attend various intra-school and inter-school sports competitions. Our students regularly participate in the state level competitions as well.
  4. Art and craft – For our young artists, we host art and craft exhibitions. From sketching to painting and paper crafts to mud fort making students are given opportunities to express their creativity at various events throughout the year. Special tutorials are conducted in school from time to time to teach students more techniques in the arts of drawing, painting and sculpture.
  5. Social causes – We show our students what joy there is in helping others and giving back to society. We also teach them that each individual is a founding block of our democracy and it is our duty as educated, responsible citizens of this country to fight against all injustices and wrongdoing and to help the lesser privileged. We have a highly active NSS unit which conducts a wide range of social activities such as rallies, street plays, cleanliness drives, health awareness drives, visits to old age homes, orphanages and so on.
  6. Annual Gathering – We stay steadfastly true to the real purpose of hosting an Annual Gathering which is to imbibe in students, the abilities of public speaking, stage daring, meticulous planning as well as improvising in the moment. The Annual Gathering at Abhinav is a grand culmination of all the activities conducted throughout the year. It is a stage for students to show their learning and the progress they have made through the year. Through singing, dancing, plays and speeches, students bring out the best of their talents and creativity.

Apart from all of this, the one virtue that sets Abhinav apart is that we are not just an institution, we are a family. We ensure a caring, nurturing and most importantly, a secure environment for our students. We treat them like family.