Message from Principal

Save the nation.

“Be the hero in your dreams.

Bridge the flood.

Conquer the evil.

Build the peace.

The world needs your dreams.

Carry them forward.

You are your dreams.

Claim and deliver them.

You find yourself by living your dream.”

In intense frustration, intense disappointment and extreme dejection always remember that every cloud has a silver lining. To overcome apparently inseparable obstacles one has to ignore the thought of disability and gather the remnant of faculties and then canalize one’s sleeping energies purposefully and whole heartedly. It is not just physical ability and average intelligence but an insatiable appetite for success and an untiring will power that would form the warp and woof of the fabric called human destiny. Greater the difficulty, sweeter the victory. Every day, every encounter, and every outcome is a new opportunity to move yourself forward. Keep yourself focused on the goal you’ve chosen, and keep yourself moving in the best way you know how.

Varsha Sharma