Child Labour


Child Labour By Abhinav School Child labour is employment of children below the age of 14 years in an industry or business. Child labour is an illegal act and has been a big social issue in India for years. It is considered as exploitation of the children of future and country. Any type of job performed by the children in industry is difficult, lethal as well as hazardous and normally reprehensible for them. Children have to perform a wide range of tasks and activities even after being under aged and having low capacity. It has spread all over [...]

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My Pearl, My Teacher


My Pearl, My Teacher February 8, 2018 By Abhinav School There is a pearl in the nature God has given it to me for my future I said to god, “You are the best Nobody is upper than you. You made the greenish earth And sky so blue.” He replied, “You are wrong my child That’s not true. You are the richest in the world Because for your success, your teacher is with you. For you, your teacher is upper than me. He taught you everything that you see.” Now, I can say this to everyone, That nobody is [...]

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Our Friendship


Our Friendship By Abhinav School Our friendship is like a garden of flowers, And the rainy water showers. Our friendship is very old, but it is precious like gold. Sometimes we fight , sometimes we do not, but we care and help each other a lot. When we all are together, there is happiness everywhere in the weather. Our friendship is for seven births, till we are there on these earth. –Harshada Suryawanshi, V E

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Women Empowerment – The Flourishing Life


Women Empowerment – The Flourishing Life By Abhinav School Women empowerment’ and ‘gender equality of men and women’ is a universal issue. Women must have their rights of making their own decisions for their personal benefits as well as for the society. In today’s generation too, in many parts of world, women are oppressed. They don’t get equal opportunities like men in the society. They should be respected. They should be treated as well as the men. Women empowerment is to empower women by promoting their participation in all areas and sectors to build stronger economies and to [...]

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Abhinav’s Excursion of Agri-Tourism


Abhinav’s Excursion of Agri-Tourism By Abhinav School Abhinav Education Society English Medium Schools Agri-Tourism Excursion. We went to Saswad at ‘Hidden Oasis’ on 30th Jan 2016, Saturday. About 300-400 students went on the excursion. The purpose of this picnic was not only to enjoy ourselves, but also to gain knowledge and information about agriculture. In this excursion, there were guides, who told us about rainwater harvesting, producing electricity from windmills, and medicinal plants etc. We enjoyed several rides and a rain dance; which both the students and teachers enjoyed. This excursion was very interesting and we created wonderful [...]

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My Dream Career: To Become A Doctor


My Dream Career: To Become A Doctor By Abhinav School A man who has a mind always has his own thoughts or dreams. We will not find a man who has no thoughts or dreams or ambitions in his mind. It is always better to keep ambitions/dreams & willpower to achieve the same. I am currently in VI Grade. I see many people in society who are facing health related issues due to different diseases. This is the main cause why people are not able to perform well in their areas. The mental health of family is also [...]

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Fabulous performances


Fabulous performances By Abhinav School A fabulous start to the annual day function. Hope you haven’t missed it..!! Don’t miss out the fun, you can still attend tomorrow..

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Nutritious Sprouts Dosa


Nutritious Sprouts Dosa By Abhinav SchoolPreparation Time: 15-20 mins. Serves: 4 people. Ingredients • Sprouted moong 3 cups • Rice flour 1 cup • Asafoetida a pinch • Green chilies finely chopped 6 • Ginger grated 1 inch pieces • Lemon juice 1 tablespoon • Sugar 1 teaspoon • Salt to taste • Oil as required Nutrition Info Calories : 1291 Carbohydrates : 222.1 Protein : 58.8 Fats: 18.8 Method1. Grind the sprouted moong slightly coarsely without using too much water. Mix in rice flour. Add one and a half cups of water to make a batter of [...]

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Books By Abhinav School Books are our best friends, Books are of different kinds, Always confusing our minds! Comedy, Horror and Drama Books also tell us about Barrack Obama Books are full of knowledge, We carry them from school to college. For questions they are quick fixers, Also they are Master Key to Success. Vaishnavi Khade VIII D


Poem by a Soldier


Poem by a Soldier By Abhinav School If I die in a war zone Box me up and send me home. Put my medals on my chest Tell my mom I did my best. Tell my dad not to bow, He won’t get tensed now, Tell my brother to study perfectly, Keys of my bike will be his permanently Tell my sister not to be upset. Her brother will not rise after this sunset. Tell my love not to cry Because I’m a soldier born to die For the Nation’s sake.– Chaitali Karkera XII th science div C [...]

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