Journalism Summit Organized By Scribido



SYMBIOSIS VISHWA BHAWAN :- This was the first experience by our school. It was journalism Summit by 5 well known journalist. Mrs.Leena Saldanha, MR.Sushant Kulkarni, Mr.Vijay Satokar Mr.Sahil Khan and Deepali Khasbekar.They discussed about few topics like writing, International Journalism, Branding PR, Crime and Business and Blogging. It was started with Mrs.Leena Saldanha, She was friendly with students. Her topic was Branding PR. She told us very familier products name.
After that it was turn of Mr. Sushant Kulkarni. His topic was Crime And Bussiness. When students asked him questions, his answer was upto the point.Next was Mr. Satokar. He was an editioal consultant to India’s Premier news agency. His topic was International Journalism. He gave us the familier topic International Journalism Mr. Donald Trump.
Next was a very interesting man with a very interesting topic food blogging[Blogging means online Journalism]. He have many 5 star hotel’s food for free. It was very interesting topic as it was of food. Next was the lady with a beautiful personality Deepti Khasbekar Who was the founder and Managing Director of M.E.S.H. Her topic was fiction writing. It was really Fun in her discussion because she mingled with all of us. We were fed with complimentary snacks and 1 hour break.It ended with a short quiz on Harry Potter and there were also gifts for the best question.It helped us to learn many things and fun too. It was very experienceable for those who wants to join in this field.

Vydehi Nair