Poem : We Can, We Will, We Fight, We Heal!!

Dark clouds arrived once a day,
Deafening silence all the way,
Streets were deserted as silence was heard,
Everyone chose safety and home to stay…..

Family’s are happy together,
Knowing each other better than ever,
It’s a golden time to know oneself,
Which we try but do never…..

Long the lockdown molded us boredom,
Making us realize the value of freedom,
It’s a golden time to be the best version of oneself,
Which helps us finding once passion and increasing ones wisdom…..

COVID-19 was just a purpose, for the earth to heal,
As poor animals and birds gave a sigh of relief,
Air pollution reduced once in decade,
Earth is healing itself, we believe…..

This tiny COVID virus told us the value of health,
Making us realise that it’s superior than wealth,
This is the only time to gain strength….
Stay Strong and face this rebel!
Let’s say together!
We Can, We will, We fight, We heal!

Written by :- Harshada Suryawanshi (8th Uranus)