Motivating Young Scientists

By Abhinav School

A science exhibition was organised on 25 th July 2018 at our school, to inspire the students to show their scientific creativity. In the science exhibition,students were divided into four groups- electronics,environment, the solar system in space and science involved in natural calamities. In the electronics group, the students came up with projects like a burglar alarm, hanging bridge, light hanging in the air, etc. The students of environment group based their models on parts of trees, parts of leaves, types of roots. In the solar system in space, the students made things like planets, the revolution of and rotation of sun etc. In the category of science involved in natural calamities, the students made the models of erupting volcano, tsunami, earthquake, etc. There was a separate table reserved for each project. The students explained their projects whenever they were asked about it. After a quick break of delicious refreshments, the students continued with the exhibition. Our Principal Ma’am and the other teachers appreciated the students’ honest efforts by calling them the future dynamic scientists of our country.

Shreyash Pangare