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विद्यार्थी, पालकांसाठी मोफत डोळे तपासणी शिबिर

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विद्यार्थी, पालकांसाठी मोफत डोळे तपासणी शिबिर मध्ये मोफत डोळे तपासणी शिबिर,ऑनलाइन क्षिक्षणातील गरज ओळखून केलेला स्तुत्य उपक्रम,मा.जगन्नाथ कळसकर,गेली दीड वर्ष ऑनलाइन क्षिक्षण घेत असताना वारंवार मोबाईलचा वापर केल्यामुळे विद्यार्थ्यांच्या डोळ्यावर होणारा




Hotel Lounge with Veranda

Bedroom in a Classic Style

Web Design Studio Lounge

Living Room Design in Bright Colors

Loft Style House

Modern Living Room with Fireplace

Daylight Library

Living Room & Veranda

Coworking Lounge

ambegaon campus



Horizon English Medium School



Respected Principal,Supervisor &Teachers,
Myself Vikas Khandke,My ward Vedant is studying in Vll CBSE. l would like to share my views for Abhinav School.
Actually my child Vedant was learning for 1 to 5 std in one of the wellkown school but l was not satisfied with school. I admitted him last year in Abhinav & now l am happy with his performance. The credit goes to Abhinav team.. It is the school which started the online lectures first in the month of April only.Proper planning was made including all subjects. Teachers were trained properly for online classes.The emphasis was given on academics as well as skill development subjects like Art,PT,& Music.Along with curriculum,different kind of activities were conducted to retain interest of the students.Postermaking ,Traditional Food activity.etc were making for Science day (lUCAA)was also conducted.My child participated in each activity .The noteworthy thing about this school is individual attention given to every child.Calligraphy session was also very nice.Teachers worked very hard & with a lot of patience .
Exams were also conducted for child’s promotion to next class.
I really appreciate all the efforts of Abhinav team for my child’s development.
Hats off to Abhinav !
Thank you very much
Best of Luck
Yours Truly,

Vikas Khandke.

parents of

Vedant Khandke Vll CBSE

मी मनीषा कु लकर्णी, पियुष कु लकर्णी (8th D)ची आई मागील वषी कोरोर्णासारख्या आजाराची भारतात एन्ट्र ी झाली
शाळा बंद झाल्या पशक्षर्ण थांबलेखरं तर ही पशकर्णारी मुलेम्हर्णजेच देशाचेभपवतव्य माझा िाल्य Mini KG to 8
std. अपभनव शाळे चा पवद्याथी अभ्यासाच्या बाबतीत कधीच काही अडचर्ण आली नाही मात्र आता कसेहोर्णार हा
पवचार डोक्यात आला. मात्र आिल्या शाळे नेलगेच ऑनलाईन शाळा सुरू के ली. मुलांचेशैक्षपर्णक नुकसान होऊ
मला शाळेच्या बाबतीत आवडलेली गोष्ट म्हर्णजेशाळे ची वेळ बदलली गेली नाही. त्यामुळेमुलांना लवकर उठर्णे,
व्यायाम करर्णे,होमवकक करर्णेया गोष्टी ंची सवय बदललेच नाही.
संस्कृ त पवषय तर आठवीच्या मुलांना िपहल्यांदाच होता. िरंतुसंस्कृ त टीचरानी तो इतका छान पशकवला की माझ्या
िाल्याचा तो Favourite Subject झाला.
हेही पततके च खरे आहे की ऑनलाइन पशक्षर्ण देताना फक्त पशक्षर्णाचा पवचार न करता मुलांना P. T.,
Drawing,Music सारखेपवषय पशकवलेत्यामुळे त्यांना पशकताना शाळे चा FEEL पमळाला. या अशा कठीर्ण
िररस्थथतीतही शाळे नेमुलांचेस्कॉलरपशि चेक्लास घेऊन मुलांना गायडन्स पदला. Guest Lecture घेऊन मुलांना
सायबर क्राईम बद्दल मापहती पदली फक्त पवद्यार्थ्ाांनाच नाही तर आम्हा िेरेंट्स सुद्धा त्याची मदत झाली.
खरं तर या िररस्थथतीत मुलांची सवकFee एकदम भरर्णेशक्य नाही,पतथेतीन इंस्टॉलमेंट मध्येफी भरण्याची मुभा
िालक म्हर्णून खरंच मला सवकपशक्षकांचेआभार मानावेसेवाटतात थँक्स टूऑल टीचसकफॉर देअर सिोटकस्पेशली
क्लास टीचर,संस्कृ त टीचर, अँड मॅथ्स टीचर & Scholarship Teachers Team .
मनीषा आपर्ण पियुष
“टेकनॉलॉजी हेएक साधन आहे,
मुलांना प्रेररत करण्यासाठी
पशक्षकाची भूपमका महत्वाची आहे

Piyush 8D

Due to the pandemic COVID -19, we all, parents, teachers and students were introduced to the new way of learning that is ONLINE CLASSES.

Initially everything seemed to be difficult .Personally I was not happy with electronic devices for education and kids spending long time duration with them, prolonged exposure to screen, but ultimately, we have overcome all the hurdles!

Things became  more  manageable  and  to my  surprise,  due  to ONLINE  CLASSES  and  timely given PDF notes of each  subject, for the  first time in all these academic years  our  son Dipak was able to complete his notebooks!!!!

As parents we came to know our kids’ abilities and how dedicated the teachers are!

We are blessed to have such dedicated teachers who check our kids’ homework on whatsapp groups even though the clock is showing time 11.30 at night…..

Various activities like Independence Day, Photo competition, Diwali celebration with Cinematic   Videography competition, Laddo making competition were well conducted by the school. Both, teachers and students are taking tremendous efforts, so the ONLINE classes are successful.

I can say, it’s beneficial for our kids. So, to end up this write-up, GOD BLESS YOU ‘TEAM ABHINAV’!!

Regards – parents of

Dipak Kashinath Sunke 7b Venus.

Thank you for teaching our students very well in this pandemic, online teaching during these difficult times of Covid-19 is an indeed a huge challenge for all schools. Teachers have to handle course load online as well as be present for their families at home. I am indeed very impressed by the teacher community at Abhinav school as study was able to transcend the challenge of teaching student by providing notes and timely training to teachers in online teaching methodology. This has been very useful to students as well as parents. The teachers are putting lot of efforts to prepare the classes in manner that even remotely they are able to grab their attention of their seventh graders. The videos and ppt introduced in online teaching keep the students glued their class. Having an activity class based like music, arts etc. in addition to content based classes is also a great idea. It gives the student an opportunity for all round development. I was particularly impressed by Aditya’s English & History teacher Mrs. Bindu Olga who meticulously prepares interesting classes and present information in a friendly manner. All teachers are also a great observer and pays particular attention to each and every student. This is something very important at this early stage of student’s lives. He tries to understand each and every method what teacher taught him. The students benefit a lot from teachers’ strategy.

Aditya’s Science teacher Mrs. Ashwini Joshi is also a great teacher and very conscientious person who attends to need each and every student in her class. She is also very friendly and in addition giving content-based information. She also tries to manage stress that the students are undergoing as they are locked up in their homes.

My best wishes to all the teachers at Abhinav School.

Parents of

Aditya Gavande

Last year feedback about school,I was first very upset with online classes but teachers made it interesting so enjoyed it .All sessions & school management were good. They also followed our suggestions regarding school.So I’m very thankful all teachers and school management.

Nishant Shintre CBSC VII std

I am sure no one could have imagined that the academic year would have ended this way. Online learning comes with it’s own concerns and challenges. When campus was closed, online lectures started on zoom. The experience was straight forward, with students being able to access sessions via a link.
When it came to exams, the instructions were made very simple for students to understand. The assessment took place in the form of home exams. The uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenges. There have been moments during this period where motivation and morale has been low. The main challenge for school was maintaining the same level of discipline at studies despite being at home. Online classes helped students build a daily routine and remain focused. Online sessions allow students to gain key skills that will most definitely be useful in future. Yoga sessions became part of online classes. This played an important role in helping students to de-stress from pressures during global pandemic.
Overall, my experience during lockdown and with online learning has been as positive as it could be. The support from school has allowed it to be as smooth as possible with students being kept up to date at every stage. In the near future, online learning could be a key part of school learning and past few months have proved that it has capacity to be successful for many students and schools.

Anushka Takalkar VII CBSE

Abhinav Education society English medium school. Respected Teacher, We are highly thankful to you for the efforts taken by you to be in touch with the students online .The assignment send are imaginative in view of non availability of books.also other extra curricular activities like skill development , music,yoga etc.not only are .educative but also keep the children busy in time of lockdown. Keep up the efforts. With the best regards , Saniya jangid M/o

Devansh jangid

To see my daughter say,
it’s my Abhinav school, I love my school, makes us feel proud of our decision.

Abhinav school is
the place where my daughter gets the needed individual attention and care, which is essential for her, in her all round development.

There are many activities, plays, competitions, and also festivals being celebrated. It’s also a place which teaches her to live a life, gives her correct advice or teaches her what’s wrong and what’s right, that’s what will make her strong to face the world.

The efforts, patience, put in by the teaching staff is indeed noteworthy, making their concepts clear, making learning more interesting.

She’s lucky to have such energetic teachers, school and enthusiastic friends, which makes her say,
that’s why

Parents of

Shrushti Nigade-VII CBSE

“To the wonderful teachers who teach my children, I appreciate all your efforts in teaching and making sure my children are learning. I appreciate that you have taken care of them academically and socially. I appreciate all the motivation and encouragement so they do their best.”

Parents of

Mayuri Gonjare- VII CBSE