Capturing Life Through a Lens

By Abhinav School

Starting Out in Photography: There are so many avenues you can take with photography these days and while on a certain journey; you may discover a new love and talent for a different area such as weddings, portraits, commercial, fashion, nightclub, schools, events, travel or stock. This indeed happened to me a year ago during my school holidays, when I first got started clicking selfies and nature photos along with my best friend Arjun as a hobby. Initially, I used my phone camera. Gradually my interest developed and we started to rent a camera by saving upon our pocket money. I used to store the photographs on my PC. One day, my father came to know about it. It was a great surprise for me that my father appreciated those photos and bought me a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera, which took my interest and confidence to the next level. After a few basic pieces of training from my best friend Arjun and a few expert tips from my father, along with the help of internet tutorials, I started clicking with the DSLR camera. Now, every time I travel, I carry my camera to capture every moment of my life. My goal is to develop my hobby into a profession. Now my focus is on pursuing carrier in this field. My learning, so far, says start out by simply practising as much as possible and don’t worry if you make mistakes. Take your camera everywhere with you and shoot as much as you can, after all, digital is free! Don’tjust take hundreds of shots and delete the poor ones. Analyse why they are poor and learn from them. Look at the settings used, look at the light, what went wrong and ask yourself how you can correct it. “Photography is now, more than ever, accessible to everyone and there is no reason why you cannot make a living from it if you so desire.”

Abhay Khangte