My Dream Career: To Become A Cricketer

By Abhinav School

Whenever I think about my aim in life for exploring my willingness in sport, my mind is confused with a lot of options. My choice swung between two games Football and Cricket. Therefore, I thought on the choices deeply and decided that I really wanted to see myself as a cricketer. I found that cricket is my most favourite sport. The Indian Cricket Player’s lifestyle already tells their story of success. They have become the most wanted entertainers not only for India but also in other countries. In IPL (Indian Premier League) Australian and Indian players have shown highest fan following in the cricket loving nations. IPL being the biggest platform to make a career in the game of Cricket for Indian youngsters. If you ask any ten Indian children what their favourite game is, they would certainly reply “Cricket”. In India, it has gained huge popularity and dignity over a period of time. Internationally it has attained a large audience too. I have joined a cricket club. To become successful in any field one must know the basics of that subject. So, to become successful cricketer I think, it is most needed that we should know the full basics of this game. The type of matches are T-Twenty (T20), One-day International 50 overs (ODI) and Test match. And my favourite is T-Twenty (T20) and my favourite players are A B de Villiers, Virendra Sehwag. When I grow up I will try my best to become a famous cricketer.

Ayush Sawant