By Abhinav School

Pune, February 16: Abhinav English Medium School, junior college has organized a grand Exhibition with the theme ‘GO GREEN’. The founder president Shree, Rajiv ji Jagtap Sir Innaugurated the exhibition.

Students of 5 th , 6 th , 7 th and 8 th standard participated in the exhibition with their innovative ideas. Students came with model projects on Math, Geometry, Geography, Science and Robotic. Each project was presented by team of students and this team work of student was very appreciable. Each student in a team had a specific role to carry out. Maths, Geometry, Geography and Science project exhibition was organized in Ramakrishna More Hall.

Models related to Maths and Geometry was presented with a totally different idea. Visual display model, along with attractive charts helped to clear the basic concepts. Science models were on Simple machine, Injector system, Hydropower, Volcano, Projector, pulley, electricity, and fulcrum etc.Students explained the concepts briefly. The most interesting part of the exhibition was ROBOTIC organized on the middle ground of the School. The Robots made by the students were incredible. They Prepared the projects on Smart city, Bascule Bridge control through robot, Gripper, Manual control robot for dripping water to the plants, Pulley based robot, Robot controlled with sound and touch sensor.

All Robotic projects were working models and students had shown demo to the audience which was the centre of attraction.

During exhibition, some parents asked the question on the logic, technic and concept of projects. Team of students gave answers to all questions with full confidence. Parents appreciated the efforts of all student, respective teachers and School for providing platform to the student for showing the hidden skill and talents.

Sai Jamadae VII ‘E’